Co-Created, Co-Wrote, and Directed A Show!

Hello friends!

Last July I was contacted by my good buddy Kalani from Rocketship Radio to help him come up with a comedy show that centered around his band. Over the month and a half we wrote 6 episodes for this series. In October 2014 I flew out to San Francisco to Directed/ Co-Star in the series.. Although it was extremely tiring and mentally draining, we had the time of lives. Doing what you love is so energizing. We all are now craving a new project.. even though the series is still in post-production.. Speaking of which.. we are currently in the final steps of wrapping this series up.. we still don't know what will happen to this series.. We are trying to pitch it to a ton of different networks but this year you will see this show with your eyes. Rocketship Films and I are currently discussing a new projects and I hope to get my next short film rolling in 2015 as well. 

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Thank you guys!

To check out more about the show:

Here are some photos from set: